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Cardiovascular Fitness can be defined as being fit so that our Cardiovascular body function such as the heart, lungs,blood vessels as well as the blood itself can function at its maximum capacity.

This kind of fitness will result in IMPROVED STAMINA ( or AEROBIC FITNESS ) which is the ability of our body to do normal work over a long period of time without feeling tired.

To achieve this, we must follow the FITT Principle of Training to achieve AEROBIC FITNESS.

    F - Frequency: Do the exercise at least 3 times a week
    I - Intensity: There must be a load during the exercise, Which is around 60% of maximum work. As an Example, a simple walk will not be enough, it has to be a BRISK WALK
    T - Time: It has to be done at least 30 mins each time
    T - Type: The exercise must be of the AEROBIC TYPE, such as brisk walk, jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobic dance etc

Dr. A Wahab Kosai

Mind & Body Fitness