Mind & Body Fitness

Stress is one of the most important factors affecting productivity in the workplace. With stiff competition, top management expects the best from its employees resulting in pressures and work exhaustion. Stress is highly personal and cannot be dealt with simply by teaching people to cope better. A person with his own personality is the most important aspect which has to be looked into. His perception, understanding, initiative, motivation and attitude have to be addressed. With all these considerations this workshop is designed to help people increase productivity through improved health, positive mood and job satisfaction, and through the reduction of tension, burnout, physical symptoms of stress and negative mood.

Stress management training is now recognized by employers as a way to make a positive contribution to the health of their employees. This can lead to reduce absence levels, improved morale and the ability to cope more easily with change.

The following workshop / seminar has been designed specifically with the modern employee in mind and the challenges he or she faces such as organizational change, job insecurity, balancing home-life and work, combined with the increased pace of life.

Course / Workshop Objectives

To enable participants to:

  1. Recognize the factors that lead to stress
  2. Assess personal stress levels
  3. Adopt life-style changes for stress prevention
  4. Practice exercises to reduce tension and anxiety
  5. To support individuals through a process of self-evaluation and improvement
Mind & Body Fitness