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Fitness of employees in the workplace is of prime importance to the company. Research has shown that a company with fit and healthy employees will increase its productivity through reduced medical bills , decreased absenteeism , lower workplace accidents , increased feeling of liking for work , positive work attitude and job satisfaction. In a work environment where safety and health must be maintained at its highest level , the company must ensure that the employees are fit.

To maintain this fitness level , there must be monitoring of each individual of his fitness status. To this end , the UKJK tests should be conducted on a regular basis.

To conduct the tests , it is proposed that fitness leaders be selected and trained to be facilitators of the test. These fitness facilitators would then be able to conduct the tests accurately and most importantly , to interpret the results of the tests. In addition to this, they will be equipped with a fair knowledge in the area of wellness.

National Physical Fitness Test (UKJK)

This test is an internationally accepted procedure to assess the fitness level of an individual. From the results of this test, the individual will know his fitness level and take appropriate measures to improve his health and fitness status through proper exercise, diet and changes in his life-style.

The test itself consists of 7 tests to measure the different fitness components (See Wellness Course)


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Know the general structure and anatomy of the human body
  2. Know the basic components of fitness
  3. Understand the basis for conducting the tests
  4. Know various types of tests for the different components
  5. Conduct the tests
  6. Compute the results of the tests
  7. Interpret the results
  8. Take recommendations from the results
  9. Design exercise programs

Topics covered during talks / practical sessions

  1. Understanding the human body
  2. The heart and exercise
  3. Components of Fitness
  4. Principles of exercise
  5. How to conduct tests protocols for different components - UKJK test
  6. Test results calculations
  7. Interpretations of results
  8. Exercise prescriptions


  1. Lectures / Discussions
  2. Practical tests sessions
  3. Physical Exercise

Location of Course: Either hotels, resorts or at workplace

Target participants: Fitness leaders and instructors

Mind & Body Fitness