Mind & Body Fitness

Effective, energetic and productive workforce are products of a motivated and positive teamwork. Working in a team not only help to foster understanding but also to breakdown barriers , prejudices and negative assumptions about people. It can also be fun. When work is fun , we can give our best to the task. Happiness at work resulting from working together with colleagues , will give satisfaction and purpose in life thus increasing work productivity.

In a hectic work environment, there is bound to be personal and professional conflicts resulting in work stress. Thus it is imperative that employees must be able to cope with the stress that , if not contained will result in loss of work productivity.

A positive, motivated mind along with a fit and healthy body is a prime factor in a productive employee.


  1. To motivate staff members to be efficient and productive at work
  2. To foster cordial relationship , goodwill and harmony in working environment
  3. To enhance imagination, creativity and positive work attitude
  4. To be able to cope with work stress
  5. To have a healthy body and mind to carry out daily tasks efficiently

Stress Coping

  1. Knowing Oneself
  2. Self Management
  3. Stress Coping Strategies
  4. A Fit and Healthy Body

Positive Thinking

  1. Brainstorming - enhancing creativity
  2. Positive mind - into positive work attitude
  3. Creativity at work

Happiness at Work

  1. Motivation to do work
  2. Gratefulness
  3. Pride at work
  4. Professionalism during work

Team Work

  1. Creating an effective working team
  2. Human skills - people working with people
  3. “It doesn't matter who gets the credit” - team spirit

Values and Attitude

  1. Difference between values and attitude
  2. How to start a winning attitude
  3. Enthusiasm is contagious
  4. Leadership
  5. Maintaining Self Esteem


Most of the course will consist of lectures, with discussions and interactions between the facilitator and participants.

Mind & Body Fitness